Daily Diss: Todd Haley Refuses to Shake Hands

Today’s Daily Diss award goes to Todd Haley, the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. After the Broncos thrashed the Chiefs yesterday, Haley refused to shake hands with Denver head coach, Josh McDaniels. The picture is pretty classic. Todd Haley Refuses to Shake Hands with Josh McDaniels

Apparently, Haley thought that McDaniels was running up the score. The Broncos jumped out to an early 35-0 lead, but were then outscored 29-14. I don’t think that is considered running up the score in my book. Haley later apologized and said he should have shaken hands with McDaniels.

If anyone had the right to think the opponent was running up the score, it was the entire Indiana Hoosiers Football team. Indiana got thoroughly beaten by Wisconsin on Saturday. The final score in that game – 83-20. Yes, 83 points is excessive, but the BCS sort of encourages that type of play. When it comes to getting votes, nothing is more impressive than a huge blowout, if only Indiana was a decent team.

What do you think of Haley refusing to shake hands with McDaniels?

[Photo Credit: Justin Edmonds, Getty Images North America via DenverPost.com]

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