Kevin Love Super Awkward Handshake & Aftermath

Kevin Love has been making plenty of headlines this season. First, there was the issue with him being benched for most of the second half during the season opener. Next, there was the incredible 31-31 performance against the Knicks. Now, the oddest of all reasons to make headlines – the man can’t finish a handshake and he won’t let it die. You must watch the comical video below:

Love and teammate Wesley Johnson engage in a tremendously awkward handshake. There was too much distance between them and when they miss, Johnson returns to his spot along the paint. Love, for some reason, needs to touch his hand and follows him there.

Perhaps the weirdest part was what occurred in the aftermath of the event. Kevin Love talks to a reporter about awkward moments in his life and he mentions the fact that he peed the bed until 7th or 8th grade. Way too much information coming from this event.

Really, it wasn’t a big deal to miss the handshake and let it go.

Would you have tried to finish the handshake after missing it the first two times?

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