Top Five Current Rivalries in the NFL

Week 11 in the NFL was filled with big time rivalry games and it led to the question on the MikesPickz Facebook Page, what is the best current rivalry in the NFL?

After some consideration, here are my top five rivalries currently in the NFL:

5. Vikings vs Packers
This rivalry might fade out of the top five soon, but for now, it’s hard to argue that it isn’t exciting when Brett Favre has a chance to play his old team. It also doesn’t hurt that it is a huge divisional rivalry that usually has playoff implications for at least one of the teams involved.

4. Jets vs PatriotsRex Ryan vs Bill Belichick
First there was Spygate, then came Bill Belichick vs Rex Ryan – what’s not to love about this division rivalry? When these two teams get together it certainly is going to be a physical game.

3. Eagles vs Giants
If you continue with the theme, huge rivalry games tend to be the best rivalries in football. This game is as big as they get for both franchises. The Philadelphia – New York regional rivalry seemingly never gets old.

2. Colts vs Patriots
Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning, two of the best QBs in currently in the NFL,not to mention NFL History. These teams have played some tremendous games in the playoffs which is why this rivalry is the only non-divisional rivalry that makes my list. As long as Brady and Manning are around, these teams will be good and that will equal must watch football every time they play.

1. Ravens vs Steelers
The Ravens and Steelers is the best rivalry in the NFL because both teams specialize in smash mouth defense. Whenever these teams get together, you know you are going to have to play hard for the entire 60 minutes. Also, I have never witnessed two sets of fans with more hatred towards each other than Ravens – Steelers.

Would you add a rivalry to this list?

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  1. eagles/giants? you have to be kdding me. i am from an area with many of both fans and this is not a rivalry. both team’s fans care more about beating the cowboys.

    also, true rivalries are so intense that it does not matter what the records of each team is. All that matters is that they are playing one another. With that said, the Bears/Packers rivalry is much more of a rivalry than all of these. Redskins/Cowboys rivalry was overlooked upon this list as well.

    1. I am also from an area with fans of both and I must say that I disagree. In the past the Cowboys were the bigger rivals, but with the emergence of the Phillies and Yankees, the Philly fans care more about beating New York in all sports and the New York about beating Philadelphia. Oh, also straight from Philadelphia –

      Bears vs Packers is a big rivalry and would certainly make a top ten list, but top five I can’t see it. Cowboys/ Redskins is also big, but I would rank Cowboys/Giants or Eagles over that rivalry. There were quite a few other rivalries that were considered as well.

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. I think you should have Cowboys vs Everyone Else and possibly do the same thing for the Patriots. Everyone seems to think they have a rivalry when they verse these 2 teams

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