Miami Heat: Look Who’s Talking Now

After starting the season 9-8, the Miami Heat were already being talked about as a bust. The team seemingly had no chemistry and they couldn’t beat a contender. The media was all over the story. The Cleveland Cavaliers were 7-10 without LeBron James and Dan Gilbert wasn’t looking too bad on his guarantees.
Dwyane Wade & LeBron James
Then December came. The Cavs only won one game during the entire month, while the Heat only lost one game. Now the Heat have passed the Celtics as the best record in the conference and the Cavs are firmly planted as the worst team in the Eastern Conference. Man, the tides have turned and the media has quieted down. It’s not a story anymore, the Heat are winning like everyone expected them to, and the Cavs are performing like everyone expected they would without James.

With half a season to go, can the Heat keep this up? I certainly think so, they have found their rhythm. They understand how to play together and Erik Spoelstra isn’t looking like a horrible coach anymore.

Boston has been struggling of late and their age may be starting to show. When it comes down to the playoffs I expect the Celtics to have to play the Heat to make the Championship, and I don’t see that happening. The Heat are young and talented and when it clicks, it clicks.

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