MLB Sweep Tracker: AL Update 4/22

The 2012 MLB Season is three weeks in, and that means it is time for the first update of the MLB Sweep Tracker. The AL has been updated with series ending on or before April 22nd. The NL update will happen tomorrow night.
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Over the first several weeks, it will come at no surprise that the two best teams in the AL are leading the league in sweeps with two apiece (Texas and Detroit), while the three worst teams in the AL are leading the league in being swept with two each (Boston, Kansas City and Minnesota). In fact, Kansas City is in the midst of a ten game losing streak which includes back-to-back sweeps. They are currently in the midst of a four game series with Toronto in which Toronto can complete the sweep Monday, April 23rd.

Cleveland was spared a sweep in the April 9th-11th series against the White Sox, with April 10th’s game being postponed. Similarly, the Red Sox were spared a sweep at the hands of their arch-rival (New York Yankees), when the April 22nd game was postponed.

Only three teams in the American League have yet to be swept or complete a sweep – Toronto, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

Be sure to check out the full sweep results at the MikesPickz MLB Sweep Tracker. The Sweep Tracker will be updated approximately every two weeks. Also, be sure to check back tomorrow for the NL update.

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