MLB Sweep Tracker: NL Update 4/22

Welcome to part two of the MLB Sweep Tracker update for series ending on or before April 22nd. This update will highlight the National League sweeps.
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The National League had about half the number of sweeps as the American League over the first several weeks of the MLB season (5 compared to 9). Once again, it is not surprising that the team with the best record in the NL (the Dodgers) has the most sweeps with two. But they are the only team with multiple sweeps (or swepts) in the NL, aside from the Braves who have one sweep and one swept.

Miami was spared a sweep in the April 20th-22nd series against the Nationals, when the April 22nd game was postponed. Surprisingly, the Nationals, who are 12-4, have zero sweeps on the season. The Phillies, Astros, Reds, Cardinals and Rockies join the Nationals as the only NL teams to neither sweep a team or be swept at this point in the season.

Be sure to check out the full sweep results at the MikesPickz MLB Sweep Tracker. The Sweep Tracker will be updated approximately every two weeks. The next update, is scheduled for series ending on or before May 6th.

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