Ryder Cup Heckler Talks Smack, Gets Called Out and Backs It Up

Team Europe was having a Ryder Cup practice on Thursday when Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan were struggling to make a putt on the 6th green. An American fan, David Johnson, was not afraid to let them know about it. Amazingly enough, Henrik Stenson decided to call the heckler out in an old fashioned putt-up or shut-up challenge. To make things even more interesting, Justin Rose puts a $100 bill on the green next to the ball. Watch what happens next:

That’s right, the American from North Dakota nailed it. He gets a $100, a couple hugs from some pro golfers and the story of a lifetime.

I love that the golfers called the guy out, I can only imagine what he was actually saying to them to get to that point. What I love even more is that they were good sports about him making the putt. This isn’t your everyday sports story.

McIlroy, Sullivan, Stenson and Rose all get major props in my book. Unfortunately for them, I can safely bet the trash talk will be taken up a notch as more people try to get there 15 seconds of fame.

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