1st Annual MikesPickz Bracket Challenge

It’s that time of year, the time when the top NCAA Basketball teams play for the pride of winning the March Madness Tournament.

Show off your skills by participating in the 1st Annual MikesPickz Bracket Challenge.

The Brackets will be submitted to the MikesPickz Bracket Challenge group on Yahoo! and they are due before the tournament begins on March 18th. The Challenge uses standard point settings: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32

There will be a $5 fee to enter the game with 80% of the money collected being awarded in prizes and the other 20% will be to help support MikesPickz (Thank You!) and to cover any Paypal fees.

The best bracket will receive 60% of the money and a free t-shirt.
The second best bracket will receive 20% of the money.

How to Enter:
-Log on to Yahoo!
—Go to the Yahoo! Tournament Pick’em:
——-Click Join Group
———Group ID# 44369
———–Password – mpbc123789

For payment, you can either:
1. Give me cash (if you know me)
2. Send me a payment via secure payment through Paypal by clicking the button below

*Payment is due by the start of the first game of the tournament on March 18th. Anyone who didn’t pay will be reminded and have 24 hours, if still no payment, their bracket will be removed from the group*

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