March Madness: Big East Breakdown

The Big East Conference is one of the most if not the most, talented conferences in the country. There are numerous talented players and teams that are playing their butts off every single night, just to hopefully have a spot in NCAA Tournament. But, what really is intriguing is that even though the conference is full of talented and amazing teams, there is no dominant team. However, that is not to say that not one of these teams do not deserve a chance to be chosen come selection Sunday. Here is an updated report on the top teams in the conference.

Scottie Reynolds dribbling for Villanova
Syracuse – Jim Boeheim’s “2-3 Zone” is the best zone defense I have ever seen. Their 2-3 Zone defense shut down incredible teams including Villanova, which is one of the top shooting teams in the country. Syracuse is very athletic and could be a clear example of the old saying, “Defense wins championships.” Syracuse is ranked number one in the Big East in field goal shooting.

Villanova – Although they had a weak performance against Syracuse recently, the Wildcats still have a very tough team that can easily make it to the final four. Villanova is filled with slashing guards and tough big men. They also have a tremendous leader in Scottie Reynolds, who is fifth in the big east in points per game.

West Virginia – The wolverines are often overlooked in the conference. However, they have a very talented team that can easily take home the Big East Championship. Every team they have lost to in the Big East, they have also defeated. He is not very big in the paint, but there is no doubt that senior forward Da’Sean Butler, who is averaging 17.2 points per game, is a tremendous player. Even though Syracuse is the favorite in the Big East, West Virginia is not far behind and I would not be surprised if they win the postseason title.

Georgetown – They are not ranked very high in the Big East conference standings. Even though they have the talent, especially with top pro prospect Greg Monroe, Georgetown does not have a very good chance on winning the postseason title. However, they will most likely be playing in the NCAA Tournament later this month.

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